Monday, 2 January 2012

My all time favourite games

My favourite games
Star wars: Knights of the old republic

I had this game on the original xbox, and it is definately one of the best games I have ever played. The combat is a bit slow (And easy to just run away using force lightning), but the story and the characters are absoloutely excellent. To the people that have played it, i'm sure you remember aswell as I do the banter between mission and zaalbar or carth and bastilla. Another great thing (rather bad thing that I loved) was the voice acting. Twi'leks repeating the same phrases over and over "Chittawannaneegeebooboo" "Mucha Shak Pat" To anyone that hasn't played this game, ignore that it wont make any sense.. To those who have. You know what I mean.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
I prefer this to the newer call of duties because I liked it for both story and online. I remember captain prices first words "So what the hell kind of name is soap anyway" dispite not having played that mission in years since I got it. The online aswel, while nowadays it is full of modding and hacking, it is still fun when you get a good game. Something I loved in call of duty4 was the private "Mike Myers" matches. They were always a good bit of fun.

Fable 1:
I haven't played fable 1 in a long time but I do remember it being such a good game. Much better than its sequels I beleive. I still quote the guild master in most games "Your health is low, do you have any food, or poitions?". The story was good, the mostly one button combat was fun, and there have been little rivals better than whisper and thunder just for comedic value.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
People always tell me Skyrim or Morrowind is better, but I loved Oblivion. It was graphically good, had plenty of gameplay and whats better than skyrim for me, is the guilds. They werent the same thing each mission, everything had a twist. The dark brotherhood you were hiding in crates, untying robes so trophies fell on old guys heads, and waiting for hides his heart to bang on the door and shout "Motttiiieerrrreeee". The fighters guild had the big twist with the blackwood company. The mages guild you were chasing down necromancers. It is a game I still play today.

Listening a few other games I love but can't really be bothered to go into detail, Cod2, civilization 3, Age of Mythology, star wars TOR, Nightfire, Solitaire - Yes Solitaire, and sega bass fishing.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Here we go, another year and we already know what's going to happen; The olympics making it impossible to travel in London, probably a bit of war, maybe some dissaster and the death of one or two of the human races more known people. How do we know this is going to happen? Well, apart from the olympics, it happens every year. We are the human race, we love to celebrate the death of people, we even mark their day like we would a birthday. We love to kill people for materials and resources we don't even need to survive, why? because we are greedy. This is all just human nature. I think reading these blogs you can gather my outlook on life isn't very positive for the future or for the past.

Although, I am going to mention something else, the here and now. I'm sitting at my computer screen typing into a blog (and I feel like at this stage i'm typing to no one), drinking my coffee and eating a slice of toast. I can safely say for me, life is going well. I think I have the same worries that everyone my age has about exams and the future of our relatively short life, but i think we need something to worry us because otherwise we get careless and just relax a bit too much.

So I don't wish you a very good new year full of death dissaster and dictatorship, instead I hope you are having a good now, but I would say go and do something a bit more constructive than read a few paragraphs of me moaning about how things aren't going to work out.